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Project Log:  Sunday, January 31, 2010
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Not feeling like doing much, I spent a short time vacuuming up the mess from the previous day's work to make the interior of the boat at least remotely workable again.  Afterwards, I made some measurements so that I could order an appropriate amount of fiberglass in the near future to begin the repair work.

Much as I wanted to get the repairs behind me, I thought I'd probably have to wait a little bit before making the investment in fiberglass and epoxy:  I calculated that I needed at least 60 yards of fiberglass for the interior laminations, and would probably purchase an entire 90-yard roll for the whole job, a not-insignificant expense that I couldn't do just at the moment. 

In the meantime, I still had the cabin sole and old water tank beneath to demolish, and thought that might be next on the agenda.


Total Time Today:  .75 hours

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