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We purchased the boat in October 2004, and had her transported to Maine in December of that year.  In the subsequent years, several factors prevented us from actually beginning the project, and she sat under cover for most of that time.

In fall 2009, a series of "correct" events started to come together, and this make me think it was the right time to begin the project; although the entire project would take years to complete, it felt good to consider starting.  After all, without beginning, the project could never be completed.

Over time, this site will grow as I detail the work completed.

Current Links:

Project Logs:  Beginning October 2009 and Updated According to Progress

Status Reports:  December 2004 - October 2009

Complete Update History

Historical Links:

Initial Viewing of the Boat (Pre-Purchase):  October 2004

Transport from Massachusetts to Maine:  December 2004

Transport from North Yarmouth, ME to Whitefield, ME:  February 2006 


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