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Moving Indoors
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Shortly after purchasing #16, we decided to move forward with the realization of a long-time dream:  move a bit further north and inland to seek a bit of tranquility on a large piece of property somewhere, where we could create our own "inland island", so to speak.  We presently found 50 acres in Whitefield, ME that fit the bill, and in March 2005 we closed on the purchase.

The long and short of this is that the decision to move and build a new shop for my business as well as a new house on the undeveloped land forced us to postpone thinking about the Pixie project for some time.

During the spring, summer, and fall of 2005, we worked on infrastructure at the new property--buried power, a well, and a driveway.  In late fall 2005, we began construction of a 40x60' shop for my business, and which would also house Pixie during her extensive reconstruction.  If you're interested in the shop construction details, please click this link for more information.

In any event, with the new building more or less complete in early 2006, and a thoughtfully snowless winter, I arranged to have Pixie transported to the new building in mid-February.  With the boat indoors at last, it seemed that I might soon be able to start the extensive demolition work required and begin making plans for rebuilding.

The morning of the transport, I began early by removing the cover from the boat.  When Steve Morse arrived around 0830, the boat was ready to go, and was shortly loaded on the trailer.  After a few minutes spent loading the main-and mizzen masts onto the trailer (actually, the mizzen went right inside the boat) and strapping the boat down, we were ready to go.

The new place was about an hour and 15 minutes' drive, but once on site, the boat was unloaded quickly. 

She looked great inside the new building, with plenty of room left over in the bay.  I was so happy to get her indoors so that the project could begin in earnest.


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