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Project Log:  Sunday, December 6, 2009
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During the morning, I finished up the deck sanding:  the starboard sidedeck and both sides of the foredeck.  I was relieved to have this task behind me.  I didn't sand the poop deck:  I was out of both sanding discs and motivation.

Afterwards, I cleaned up the dust, discarded sanding discs, and cleaned up the shop.  I removed and disposed of the plastic curtain I'd installed alongside the boat earlier, now that the worst sanding was done with (at least for now); besides, the plastic had done little to actually contain the dust the way I'd hoped, though it did have some effect.

I considered this the end of phase I (unbuilding and demolition), and was looking forward to moving on to the next phase of the project:  structural repairs. 





Total Time Today:  4.5 hours

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