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Project Log:  Saturday, November 28, 2009
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Continuing towards my goal of completing all the bulk sanding as soon as possible, I attacked the bottom.  I'd decided to simply heavy-sand the bottom, rather than strip it:  I could see no justification for the extra time, effort, and expense involved in removing paint that was minimally built up and in generally good condition.  If the paint had been heavily layered, or chipped and rough, or in poor condition and flaking off, I would have stripped it.  As it was, it was in good shape, and I am not too fussy about boat bottoms.  Good enough is good enough.

But in this case, it was clear that the bottom had been stripped not too long ago, and the new buildup was minimal--a few coats only (2 or 3 layers of shark white, and a layer or so of red beneath), and ablative paint to boot.  In addition, my earlier sanding tests had revealed the presence of a barrier coat on the hull beneath the paint.  Now, I couldn't have cared less about the barrier coat, and "saving" it didn't factor into my decision; rather, I knew the epoxy would be more difficult to remove than the paint, and again, lacking good reason to do so I chose in this case not to do so.

Sanding was quick.  There were a few areas where the paint apparently hadn't adhered well to the barrier coat (a common issue), and was flaking away.  I sanded these smooth and feathered them into the surrounding paint as well as possible, but otherwise my sanding chore was limited to just a thorough, heavy sanding of the entire surface.  Later, I'd remove additional paint around through hulls I needed to patch, and other areas that might require additional attention, but my goal now was t get the heavy dust over with.

It was not a particularly photogenic day of progress, but here are some pictures of the sanded bottom paint. 



Total Time Today: 2.75 hours

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